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Case Studies - Hornet Manufacturing

Hornet Manufacturing, Inc has a long list of examples of how their varied experience and expertise in the welding of fabrications can save customers time and money,  by providing solutions.

See below for Hornet case studies:


Manufacturing Cost Reduction of Pressure Vessel


Pressure vessel was being developed for the market, but the build-hours were outside of the budget

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Robotic Welding Development of Stainless Steel

Robot 2To improve the production output of welded stainless products 

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Defect Free Manufacturing

New Image42-SmallTo achieve Zero PPM for spot welded pars in under 1 year 

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Boiler Repair

CaseStudyPhoto2Finding an economical method of repairing older installed boilers which were previously being scrapped 

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Failure of Tubular Frame in the Field


Eliminate the cracking of the welded tubular joint on a Semi-Tractor Trailer 

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Hornet’s Certifications

h-Stamp asme_hlw ASME-U-Stamp R-Stamp
nb_stamp china_certification_for_boilers

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Why Choose Us

When you absolutely, positively have to get it right the first time, on-time, on-budget, choose Hornet:
  • Quality & Customer Service
  • Improve YOUR Profitability
  • Development & Prototyping
  • High & Low Volume Production
  • Degreed Welding Engineer
  • Stainless Steel Capability
  • Boiler Stamps/Approvals
  • Certified Welding Engineers
  • In-house Processes
  • Trouble Shoot & Repair Capability
  • Warranty & Insurance Service
  • Complexity of Parts
  • Code Shop

Welds & Fabrications for:

  • Boilers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Acids & Caustic Substances
  • Filtration
  • Military
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